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Fans can bring the newest adventures in the Star Wars franchise to life with the Star Wars Resistance Bomber LEGO set.

LEGO’s latest addition to its Star Wars collection launched on Force Friday II, and to say we’ve been drooling would be an understatement. The set comes with more than 700 pieces, unique features, and some minifgures that fans will recognize, as well as a few others that we can assume will be prevalent characters in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi film.

I initially feared that once completed, the ship would tumble over because of its proportions, but fear not, despite how tall it is and the weight of its body on top, the set stays balanced. When the set is standing up, the lower turret will be positioned slightly off the ground, but once kids pick it up play with their creation, it falls into place and is positioned just as fans will see it in the movie. Additionally, the set has four engines, so it will take a lot for enemies to knock this baby down. The entire vertical surface on both sides are attached to a spine, making the two sides completely symmetrical.

The wings of the Resistance Bomber are locked into place and don’t move, but it helps to keep the set intact and balanced. There are also spring-loaded shooters at the front of the ship that are integrated into the build, and kids can fire them using the trigger button. The top of the ship also features a turret that is identical to the one at the bottom. Both turrets rotate from side-to-side, but the top turret has room for minifigures.

The back of the Bomber has blasters with built-in stud-shooters so that kids can fire them. Little builders can also choose to rotate where to fire them, but they may find that it is best to keep the positioned towards the back back so that it doesn’t affect the build of the wings.

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of this LEGO build, the bombing trigger at the bottom of the ship allows kids to drop bombs out of its base. The set comes with six bombs that can be stored inside the ship. To load them, kids drop them in the flip-open tab at the top of the sip and they then drop to bottom where they wait to be launched. It’s completely integrated, meaning that kids can play with it if they want, but if they choose not to it can go unnoticed.

This set includes five LEGO figures: a Resistance Bomber pilot, a Resistance Bombardier, Vice Admiral Holdo, Resistance Gunner Paige, and Poe Dameron. Kids can place their minifugres in a ton of different areas of the ship. There is space to set characters in the top of the ship and in the cockpit. Additionally, an entire interior space with a rotating chair and consoles is revealed when kids take off the top of their Bombardier. The main cockpit at the front of the ship can also be opened to create room for one pilot to use the computer consoles.

The new Star Wars Resistance Bomber set has tons of different features and play values that will keep fans geeking out for hours of fun. Better yet, the build and proportions make it simple to use all its exciting features.

This review was originally published on the Toy Insider. 

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