You better hold on tight spider monkeys because this is one LEGO set you won’t want to miss!

Twilight fans can sink their teeth (and fangs) into LEGO’s newly approved LEGO Ideas set, Twilight: Cullen House. Designed by Nick Micheels, a.k.a. LobsterThermidor, this 2,995-piece project honors the Cullen family residence as shown in The Twilight Saga films. 

Team Edward and Team Jacob fans will agree that these Easter eggs are fang-tastic. If you prefer the books over the movies, you’ll love the 1×1 tile wall prints, which represent each book cover from the Twilight series. The set also features the Graduation Cap display art because the Cullens matriculate a lot (it’s a private joke).

This vampire-filled house wouldn’t be complete without members of the Cullen family (and their werewolf ally). The project features four popular characters in minifigure forms, including Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, and Carlisle Cullen. The figures also come with a brick-built werewolf that’ll have you screaming, “Where the heck have you been, loca?” 

Fans can use the iconic three-story house locations to re-create their favorite scenes from the movies. You can reminisce on your favorite scenes with the library-turned-infirmary, the garage that stores a bat and glove for thunderstorm baseball games, and Edward’s room, which, of course, lacks a bed. 

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