The LEGO Orchid as a beautiful decorative piece. | Source: LEGO

It can be difficult to take care of plants, but you won’t have to even water these ones! 

The LEGO Botanical Collection — which launched at the start of last year — transforms beautiful flowers and plants into complex LEGO sets for adult builders. Following its popular flower bouquet and bonsai tree, the line is growing with two new immersive building experiences.

LEGO Orchid | Source: LEGO

First, the LEGO Orchid recreates the bloom of its flowering namesake. The set features six large, pink-and-white flowers and two newly blossoming buds. A prebuilt, blue LEGO fluted vase provides a home for this floral arrangement and its roots. Builders can take apart and rebuild their flowers to customize them to fit any decorative space. The stems, roots, and leaves also rotate, so you can design the perfect floral pose. 

LEGO Succulents set | Source: LEGO

Next, the LEGO Succulents set brings together a variety of nine succ-cute-lents in their own containers, all with different shapes, textures, and colors. Builders can construct each plant individually and display them separately, or connect them in an artistic arrangement and rearrange them for a decorative display. The set also includes three separate instruction booklets so family and friends can get in on the building action too. 

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The LEGO Orchid and LEGO Succulents sets are available to preorder from the LEGO website for $49.99 each. These plant-tastic sets are expected to ship on May 1, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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