The Ted Lasso Little People figures are packed with show-accurate details. | Source: Mattel

He’s here, he’s there, he’s in a Little People set, Roy Kent!

AFC Richmond’s foul-mouthed star player-turned-coach and the rest of the gang from the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso have made an indelible mark on pop culture over the past two years. But we must say, they have never been cuter than they are in the newest Ted Lasso-inspired product, a Little People Collector set from Mattel.

This new box set reimagines six of the show’s main characters as classic Fisher Price Little People figures: Ted Lasso himself, AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, Keely Jones, Coach Beard, Roy Kent, and Sam Obisanya. The six characters come in a display-worthy box designed to look like the team locker room (complete with the crooked “Believe” sign above the door).

This box set is full of easter eggs and hidden details from the show. | Source: Mattel

The collectible figures are also packed with adorable, show-specific details. Rebecca, for example, is holding the box of cookies that Ted brings her every morning for “Biscuits with the Boss.” Keely’s phone, meanwhile, displays images of a panda and a lion, in reference to a conversation-starting question she poses in the show’s first season. Even the figures’ facial expressions feel true to character. Ted Lasso has his iconic mustache — of course — while Sam has a smile to reflect his bright personality and Roy Kent has a very on-brand, surly look. You can practically hear him shouting “Oy!”

AFC Richmond fans can purchase this set starting today, Aug. 9, for $29.99. Whether you buy it for a kid in your life or get yourself a set to display, there’s no doubt that these adorable collectibles will make you smile as you impatiently await this show’s third season.

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