Just like the god himself in The Avengers (and Thor: Ragnarok, and Loki….) Gunnar’s Loki glasses are back from the dead, with more tricks up their sleeves!

Last month, Gunnar launched the God of Mischief Collector’s Edition computer glasses, which we previously covered on The Pop Insider. These limited-edition glasses featured bright green frames and came at a price point of $333. 

Now, the company is launching the Loki Asgard Edition computer glasses. These glasses feature funky, diamond-shaped frames that have a green-to-white color fade. Just like the God of Mischief Collector’s Edition, these glasses block blue light that can cause eye strain, headaches, and other icky side effects. (Kinda makes you wish you could live in Asgard because they don’t have computers there.) The new glasses also come with a Loki-branded glasses case, pouch, and cleaning cloth. 

Gunnar is also dropping the final 50 pieces of the God of Mischief Collector’s Edition computer glasses. Once these 50 pieces are sold, this style is gone — just like one of Loki’s illusions! 

Either pair of Loki-themed glasses will come in handy when you’re staying up late to watch new episodes of Loki , which come out starting on Oct. 6. Buut they’ll also be helpful throughout the workday, or any time you spend looking at your computer. Order your pair at the link below!


Protect your eyes from blue light and Loki's schemes with these green-framed glasses! This set also comes with a Loki-themed glasses case, pouch, and cleaning cloth.

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  • $99.99

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