In a collaboration you never expected but are now going to need, Lush is making sure you can smell like your favorite Nintendo character when you see The Super Mario Bros. Movie next month. 

The new Lush collab features soaps, shower gels, and more, all themed around different characters featured in the movie. In a first for Lush, the Question Block Bath Bomb has all the fun and luxury of a bath bomb experience with an added surprise inside. Each Bath contains a collectible power-up soap inside, each a different fragrance. The Block could have a blue mushroom, a red mushroom, an ice flower, a fire flower, a coin, or a star soap inside. The coin soap is also available as an individual purchase — no bath bomb reveal required. 

The collection also features two shower gels based on everyone’s favorite pair of brothers. The Mario shower gel has colo-cube-scented pomegranate juice and the Luigi shower gel has an apple and rose smell. The gels cost $12.50 for 100 milliliters, $25 for 250 milliliters, or $40 for 500 milliliters.

Two more Nintendo characters are making their Lush appearance as shower jellies. Princess Peach gets a peaches and pineapple scent with her shower jelly and Bowser gets Lush’s Fireside scent, featuring cinnamon and clove leaf. These jiggly soaps are fun and full of character.

Finally, the Princess Peach Body Spray features a peaches and pineapple scent blend and will have you feeling royally ready for any movie showings.

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Mario lovers can also create mystery gift boxes with this Lush, adding products all packaged in a yellow Question Block box. Send the gift of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Bowser to your best buds in a form they never expected!

The new collection will be exclusively available on the Lush website and within Lush stores across the nation starting today, March 24. Get your favorite smells in the form of your favorite Mario characters, and stock up so you’re ready for the movie premiere!

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