This figure has adjustable eyes, so collectors can make Luke look in every direction. | Source: SideShow

Every The Mandalorian fan remembers the iconic moment in the season 2 finale when (spoiler alert!) Luke Skywalker swoops in and saves the day, before giving viewers the tear-jerking farewell between Grogu and Din Djarin. Thanks to Hot Toys, collectors can recreate this scene and feel the power of the Force with a new Luke Skywalker figure that the company revealed this week.

The new 1:6-scale Luke Skywalker is an exact likeness of a young Mark Hamill and stands 11 inches tall. The figure comes dressed in his outfit from The Mandalorian — a black Jedi cloak. The figure is designed to be posed in any way fans desire, with more than 30 points of articulation. The collectible also comes with swappable hands, and the head sculpt has a “rolling eyeball” feature, so collectors can adjust Luke’s gaze and make him look in any direction.

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Who is Luke Skywalker without his Jedi accessories? The figure also comes with an LED-powered green lightsaber, a lightsaber hilt, and a lightsaber blade in motion that can be attached to the hilt. Additionally, this limited-time figure comes with special-edition bonus accessories, including Moff Gideon’s light cruiser hologram and a holoprojector.

To top off The Mandalorian inspiration, a 1:6-scale figure of little Grogu is included, too. He also comes with interchangeable hands to adjust his pose, so collectors can make him slightly reach out to gently touch Luke’s face or to use the Force.

The deluxe edition figure comes with a Dark Trooper bust and allows collectors to re-create The Mandalorian fight scene. | Source: SideShow

For an even more epic addition to their collection, fans can choose a deluxe version of the figure that comes with additional features, including a detailed, battle-damaged Dark Trooper bust. The bust gives collectors the option to set up Luke Skywalker in a fighting pose, recreating his epic scene in the finale when he swooped in and wiped out the Dark Troopers commanded by Moff Gideon.

Finally, both versions of this Hot Toys figure include a themed backdrop and a figure display stand with a Star Wars logo and nameplate to add a cherry on top of the perfect Jedi cake.

Collectors can preorder the special-edition figure or its deluxe version on SideShow’s website. The regular figure is available for $285, while the deluxe version costs $330. Buyers can expect the Jedi to arrive between Oct. and Dec. of next year.

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