Shirts inspired by ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ | Source: Hot Topic/BoxLunch/the Pop Insider

A LOT has happened in the past two episodes of Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. No spoilers here, the show certainly has a lot of storylines to wrap up in this week’s finale.

However, there haven’t been many major merch reveals for the show over the past two weeks, likely because we haven’t gotten significant new character reveals since the third episode re-introduced Zemo and Sharon Carter. (Important question, though: Where is our Dora Milaje merch???)

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However, Marvel has continued to release its Marvel Must Haves roundups, and there are a few new products worth checking out!

This includes a lot of new shirts, primarily in Hot Topic’s ever-expanding collection. One of the highlights is the “The Big Three” T-shirt (pictured above, left), which commemorates (in this writer’s opinion) one of the funniest lines from the show, when Sam points out that The Avengers always seem to fight one of three things: Aliens, Androids, or Wizards. BoxLunch’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Chibi shirt ($28.90, pictured above, right) is another standout, complete with adorable drawings of both titular characters looking very annoyed at a certain John F. Walker.

Marvel The Winter Soldier Enamel 5 Pin Set | Source: Salesone

Amazon also has an exclusive Winter Soldier pin set from Salesone, which is available to preorder now for $44.99. It comes with five enamel pins inspired by the series, including a “Who will wield the shield?” design and the Avengers’ logo on top of the Captain America shield. The set is limited to 5,000 pieces and is expected to ship on May 1.

We also expect a larger influx of new merchandise early next week, following Friday’s finale. So stay tuned!

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