The Marvel x Skechers collection features nine new designs. | Source: Skechers

Keep one step ahead of the supervillains in some *super* new Skechers!

The footwear brand is teaming up with Marvel for the first time, releasing nine new designs based on the Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and the Punisher. The collection is designed for essential workers and are built for Marvel fans who work on their feet. 

Each shoe in the collection is resistant to electrical hazards and is designed to withstand difficult working conditions. The Marvel: Trevork and Trevork II Armor Out steel-toed boots come in three different designs that all feature subtle homages to Iron Man on the heel.

The Captain Marvel and Spider-Man (“Webbey”) Squad sneakers are both slip-resistant and have memory foam insoles, which are perfect for folks who are standing and moving around throughout their shift. The Marvel versions of this sturdy shoe are decorated with all-over patterns inspired by each hero.

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The Gatlon Spidey shoe, meanwhile, looks like it is covered in webs. It is puncture-resistant and steel-toed, which is great for construction or warehouse environments.

The Punisher Wascana boots are waterproof and roomy, with the Punisher skull displayed in the boots’ mesh panels. Finally, the Uno Assemble sneakers come in two colors, black and light blue, and are slip-resistant with a Skechers Air cushioned midsole. They are decorated with the iconic Avengers “A” and the phrase “Find your power.”

The Skechers x Marvel collection offers great options for everyday heroes to protect their feet while they’re on the job. The collection is available to shop now at the link below and at select Skechers stores in the U.S.

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