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If you love all things fandom (which seems likely if you’re visiting this site) and you’re desperate for new Marvel content (again, likely), get ready for the new Disney+ series, Marvel’s 616.

Marvel just released the episode list and an official trailer for the 8-part docuseries, which takes a deep dive into all things Marvel, from the comics to the movies and beyond. It gets its name from Earth-616, the fictional reality where the primary Marvel Universe takes place.

Based on the trailer, the show is a love letter of sorts to the fandom community. In less than two minutes, the interview clips touch on Stan Lee, cosplay, comic-cons, collecting, women in comics, and so much more. Seriously, it’ll make you feel all those feels you have about not having fan conventions or new Marvel movies this year.

Each episode of the series has a guest director, too, showcasing “the intersections of storytelling, pop culture, and fandom within the Marvel Universe.”

The list of episode topics and directors is:

  • “Japanese Spider-Man” Directed by David Gelb
  • “Higher Further Faster” Directed by Gillian Jacobs
  • “Amazing Artisans” Directed by Clay Jeter
  • “Lost and Found” Directed by Paul Scheer
  • “Suit Up!” Directed by Andrew Rossi
  • “Unboxed” Directed by Sarah Ramos
  • “The Marvel Method” Directed by Brian Oakes
  • “Marvel Spotlight” Directed by Alison Brie

Check out the trailer below, and get ready to binge-watch all eight episodes on Nov. 20, only on Disney+.

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