Can you guess who’s coming straight from the Mojo Dojo Casa House?

Mattel Creations has unleashed its Ken-ergy by introducing a new doll to its Barbie: The Movie collection. It’s time to replace your fur coats with hoodies because the Kenough Doll is here to tell you that you are more than Kenough. 

This doll replicates Ken’s kensformation that happens toward the end of the movie. Ken’s iconic “I Am Kenough” hoodie is paired with a bandana and sweatpants that feature a coordinated lightning design. The doll also features a hint of the patriarchy with a horse charm necklace. 

This item is all you need to complete your Barbie collection. Collectors can show off the Ken doll — which is sculpted in the likeness of Ryan Gosling — with the included doll stand. Every purchase also comes with a certificate of authenticity that proves you Ken handle this collector’s item. 

Whether your catchphrase is “Hi, Barbie” or “I’m Just Ken,” you’ll love the Kenough Doll as much as every other doll in Barbie Land. You can immerse yourself into more Barbie-themed merchandise (…or get yourself a matching “I Am Kenough” hoodie) at


He's just Ken, and that's enough! This Ken doll wears the iconic "I Am Kenough" hoodie, as shown in Barbie The Movie. This hoodie is paired with sweatpants and a bandana featuring a coordinated lightning design. The doll includes a stand and a certificate of authenticity that proves you Ken handle this collector's item. You…

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