Mattel’s Virtual Collectibles platform is getting an upgrade! | Source: Mattel

Mattel Creations is making it easier than ever to trade virtual collectibles.

Mattel is launching a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can show off, trade, and sell their Mattel virtual collectibles. The platform is powered by Rarible, a blue-chip virtual collectibles company. This new feature will be available starting on April 27, and collectors can access it through the virtual collectibles page at

Mattel’s Hot Wheels NFT Garage features dozens of cars to collect. | Source: Mattel

At the same time, Mattel is also dropping wave 5 of its Hot Wheels NFT Garage. Series 5 offers virtual versions of 40 new cars, featuring some of the most popular Hot Wheels designs. This includes cars from McLaren, Pagani, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, and Porsche, along with Hot Wheels originals. The NFTs come in packs of seven for $25 each. Each pack includes four common, two uncommon, and one guaranteed rare card. Players can also find Premium or Treasure Hunt collectibles that will make them eligible to redeem a physical die-cast version of their digital car. 

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Mattel’s Virtual Collectibles platform originally launched last November. The platform features virtual collectibles from some of Mattel’s most popular brands — including Masters of the Universe and Barbie — and collaborations with digital collectible companies like Boss Beauties and Cryptoys.

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