Nissan Z Proto sideview | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

Mattel is known for transforming classic and modern cars into realistic models, including the 1970 Mad Maverick, the Ferrari 308, and the 2020 Tesla Roadster. Now it’s paying homage to its past Nissan Z models WITH a new Matchbox car.

The Matchbox Nissan Z Proto recreates the 2023 Nissan Z and brings together 50 years of previous Z models. The car is designed to faithfully match the classic Z, including the “Z bulge” on the hood, 1970s-inspired headlights, and the retro Z logo. Painted in a chrome, metalized chartreuse, the model gives off a rainbow glow from a shimmering gold body. Nissan Z fans can even open the car’s doors to see an authentic interior.

Nissan Z Proto and case | Source: Mattel

The Matchbox car comes in an oversized, acrylic case featuring a terrain-molded base. The case includes a panoramic background of a blurred street, making it seem as though the Nissan Z is racing through a bright city. 

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The limited-edition Nissan Z Proto will be available to purchase for $25 starting tomorrow, April 20, from Mattel Creations. In the meantime, fans can stay click here to get more details and watch a countdown to when the model goes on sale.

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