“Max and Ruby and I can’t stress this enough RUBY AND MAX” tweets user @maddygreuel in reference to how much millennials cannot get enough of Max & Ruby, the two rabbit siblings who gained fame among our generation with a hit TV series on Nick Jr. in the early aughts.


While Max & Ruby may seem like a staple of our childhood, our two favorite rabbit siblings are finding a resurgence thanks to TikTok. The duo is taking over the viral video app in different challenges that are garnering millions of views. In the Max & Ruby Dance Challenge, TikTok creators do a dance choreographed to a remixed version of the Max & Ruby theme song — a challenge that is featured in more than 3.7 million videos. If you’re less of a dancer and more at home in the kitchen, there is also the Max & Ruby Cake Challenge, in which TikTokers recreate the cakes featured in the Max & Ruby TV series.

Of course, Max & Ruby never fully went away. The brand boasts 7.5 billion minutes watched on its YouTube channel worldwide, with 580 million views. Since its original publication launch in 1979, the brand has accumulated more than 75 original and TV-tie-in books and counting, with more than 6 million books sold in the U.S. and titles translated in nine languages. Combine that with the Max & Ruby TV series that was popular on Nick Jr. after it launched in 2002, and you’ve got quite the hit.

And of course, if we’re revisiting our favorite friends from childhood, we want to flaunt our fandom! Thanks to Juniper Creates, fans can get their hands on some super cute, limited-edition Max & Ruby apparel and accessories. You can check out the full Max & Ruby Remix collection below and click the links to shop Juniper Creates!

Max & Ruby Overalls | Source: Juniper Creates

The Max & Ruby Overalls feature deep pockets and eye-catching, detachable suspenders. You can uniquely blend your style with Max & Ruby’s every time you wear them! $60; Preorder them here

Left: Max Crewneck; Right: Ruby Cropped Sweatshirt | Source: Juniper Creates

You can chill out in the striped Max Crewneck, which is stamped with a bunny-approved seal. The perfect long-sleeve shirt for the colder weather! $45; Preorder it here

The back of the Max T-Shirt | Source: Juniper Creates

Are you a sucker for Max’s sassy attitude? Rep your favorite sibling with the Max T-Shirt. The shirt definitely encourages adding your own personal touch — Max sure did 😉  $30; Buy it here

Left: Ruby Cropped Sweatshirt; Right: Max Crewneck | Source: Juniper Creates

If your vibe is a little more Ruby adjacent, check out the Ruby Cropped Sweatshirt. This pastel pullover will keep you comfy and warm! $45; Buy it here

Max & Ruby Blanket Hoodie | Source: Juniper Creates

Get your snuggle on with the Max & Ruby Blanket Hoodie. This vibrant and unique oversized hoodie is super cozy and perfect for bedtime or a day on the couch scrolling through Max & Ruby TikTok videos. $70; Buy it here

Max & Ruby Oversized Drop Earrings | Source: Juniper Creates

You can complete your look with the Max & Ruby Oversized Drop Earrings, which come as a mismatched pair, one of which features the famous cake. These oversized earrings are the perfect quirky add-on to any look. $20; Buy them here

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