The new puzzle box is full of cryptic clues and fun riddles. | Source: McFarlane Toys/The Pop Insider

Riddle me this, Batman!

McFarlane Toys is giving DC fans an interactive experience that’ll have anyone feeling like the Caped Crusader. The Riddler: Puzzle Box by Edward Nygma is available now for preorder. The DC Direct release is full of puzzling riddles and riddling puzzles, all created by the iconic supervillain himself. Solve the full box and become the world’s greatest detective — or at least impress any DC Comics superfans in your life.

Get on the Riddler’s latest case! | Source: McFarlane

There are four challenging puzzles to solve within the box, featuring paper clues to help you along. Each puzzle will test your Batman knowledge, with references to other iconic characters including Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl.  Solve the full box and unlock the prize contained inside — a full-scale Batarang replica.

McFarlane Toys has plenty of other merch for DC fans to tide them over while they wait for their Puzzle Box preorder. The Riddler (Batman: Arkham City) figure will be the perfect companion for your puzzle box and the Batman ’66 Lunch Box will have you feeling nostalgic for the retro show. 

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The new Riddler Puzzle Box is available for preorder now at a variety of retailers, with a release date in June. Test your skills against one of Batman’s most well-known foes with this new puzzling set!

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