McFarlane Toys’ new Disney action figures, based on the upcoming ‘Disney Mirrorverse’ mobile game | Source: McFarlane Toys

If you’ve ever felt like the Disney characters are just a little *too* sweet, don’t worry, because these Disney characters are getting an upgrade, MMA-style.

McFarlane Toys is launching a series of collectible action figures based on the upcoming mobile game from Disney & Pixar Games, Disney Mirrorverse. Developed by Kabam in collaboration with Disney, Disney Mirrorverse is set in a new, divergent universe that is full of battle-ready, reimagined Disney and Pixar characters. Fans of the older Disney Pixar movies will get a kick out of seeing their favorites decked out in battle gear.

McFarlane Toys’ 7-inch action figures feature Buzz Lightyear and Captain Jack Sparrow | Source: McFarlane Toys

There are two McFarlane Mirrorverse collections to choose from. The first features Buzz Lightyear and Jack Sparrow as 7-inch figures, including storytelling accessories from the game and up to 22 moving parts. Buzz is ready for action in his classic green, white, and blue spacesuit, while Jack Sparrow dons his pirate coat and brandishes some sort of fire weapon.

McFarlane Toys’ 5-inch action figures | Source: McFarlane Toys

The second collection features Sulley, Mickey Mouse, Belle, and Goofy as 5-inch action figures. Each figure comes with storytelling accessories from the game and a collectible art card featuring artwork from Disney Mirrorverse. Belle is depicted in her winter coat, carrying a staff that holds the iconic rose from Beauty and the Beast. Goofy wears a helmet and battle-ready boots, lifting a boomerang into the air. Mickey is in his Fantasia garb, carrying an iridescent crystal, while Sulley appears with yellow armor on.

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The entire collection is currently available to preorder online. The 5-inch collection will hit retail and specialty toy stores nationwide in August, while the 7-inch collection hits shelves in September. There’s no word yet on when Disney Mirrorverse will be released, but you can bet we’ll be ready to knock some sense (virtually) into whoever tries to cross our faves. For updates about Disney Mirrorverse, head to

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