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Incoming transmission from The Void — Agent Gomez is on the run. Last seen? Heading to Mezco Con 2021!

The roach with the most is inviting fans to Mezco Toyz’s “Casino La Cucaracha” from July 21-24. This four-day, virtual event is flush with giveaways, games, prizes, and, of course, exclusive product reveals for fans to call dibs on. Better yet, no sign-up or pre-registration is necessary — fans can get in on the action anywhere, at the allotted event times!

Kicking off the event is a preview night on Wednesday, July 21 (time TBA), revealing Mezco Con 2021 exclusives. Last year’s con collectibles included a super-sized (and super-scary) lineup of 1:12 Marvel Bishop and Death Dealer figures and MDS Predator and Alien figures. Participants will then be challenged to cryptic crosswords, de-coding, and cyber search games for the remainder of the event, with prizes ranging from exclusive collectibles to Mezco Toyz gift certificates. Each day will feature a window for reveals from 12-3 p.m. ET.


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Some goodies in store for winners of each event include a host of 1:12 collectibles, featuring Collective Gomez: Hazard Squad Commander, Collective Baron Bends, Collective Black Skull Death Brigade, and Collective White Skull Agent. Fans will also be able to snag accessory kit prizes, including a Crimson Cranium two-pack, Dragon Clan weapons pack, and Slugfest’s Cut & Stitch soft goods expansion pack. Prizes will be awarded within 4-8 weeks of the winner being verified.

Fans can participate in the event through links and instructions provided on the Mezco Toyz site. To follow along with the event, visit Mezco Toyz’s Instagram and Twitter pages. To check out the full schedule breakdown and itinerary, click here.

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