MDS Deluxe Alien Figure | Source: Mezco Toyz

No need to answer distress calls from alien vessels — the terror has already begun!

A new Alien collectible figure has landed in the Mezco Designer Series, ready to wreak havoc on fans’ display cases. It doesn’t bleed acid (as far as we know), but it’s loaded with accessories, interchangeable parts, and poseable action.

This Xenomorph stands 7 inches tall and features 10 points of articulation. One of its highlights is a hinged outer jaw with a pop-out pharyngeal jaw inside, along with removable drool effects. An included Ovomorph egg carries a poseable Facehugger and an interchangeable top, so the egg can be open or closed. Don’t get too close, though — as we all know, the “Facehugger” isn’t as cute and cuddly as it sounds…

MDS Deluxe Alien Facehugger and Chestburster Features | Source: Mezco Toyz

The figure also comes with interchangeable hands and legs for more poseability (and slashability). The Xenomorph’s infant form (Chestburster) is included with the figure, too, complete with a poseable tail. The Nostromo is truly no-stro-match for this mighty Xenomorph!

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The MDS Deluxe Alien figure costs $50, is available for preorder now, and is expected to ship next spring.

This is one of the newest spine-chilling figures to join Mezco’s Designer series, which has previously offered collectibles inspired by characters from IT, Child’s Play, The Exorcist, and more. The other newest addition to this line is the Predator 2: Deluxe City Hunter, which is also available to preorder now for $55. Outfitted in his look from the second Predator film, this 6-inch Yautja figure comes with a removable Bio-Helmet and other accessories from the movie.

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