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Even with the entire internet at our fingertips, the fan experience can still be a hassle. Picture this: you’re watching the hottest new movie on a streaming service. Halfway through the movie, you decide you need to check out merch, so you dig through Google search results and try to find what you’re looking for.

MGM is cutting out all of the extra steps with its Creed III page on Amazon, an all-inclusive online experience that nods to the future of fandom retail. The page has everything Creed: you can watch Creed III, check out bonus features and behind-the-scenes content, look at stills from the movie, and shop merch from the Creed storefront.

The Creed Amazon storefront includes everything fans could look for when it comes to merch featuring Adonis Creed: apparel, movies, music, accessories, wall art, video games, and more. Some highlights of the collection include phone accessories, home decor, tote bags, and Creed: Rise to Glory, a VR video game that takes you into the Rocky universe.

You can also shop Creed collaborations from BOXRAW and Shoe Palace on the Amazon shop. The BOXRAW collection features athletic apparel that is perfect for hitting up the gym, including shorts, track suits, and T-shirts. The Shoe Palace collection features T-shirts, hoodies, and crew necks that add a nostalgic feel to your merch, even if the movie only came out a few months ago.

“The Creed III landing page was an incredibly powerful tool that pulled together the various supporting Amazon programs in one easy-to-navigate page,” says Robert Marick, Head of MGM Consumer Products. “Having the shopping button front and center on that landing page allowed us to meet those fans at the intersection of entertainment and shopping and make pop culture savvy merchandise easily available to this audience.”

The page also links directly to the first two Creed movies and their soundtracks, along with the Rocky storefront, so fans can jump right back into the movies they love.

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“The Rocky-Creed franchise has been around for (more than) 46 years,” Marick says. “So it brings in both new and current fans. I think what weaves all of this together is that it’s a great story. And I think that it’s a great story because it connects to common
themes around life choices, your legacy, overcoming hardships, relationships that make us who we are.”

Whether you’re looking to watch the movie franchise you love or shop some epic merch, MGM and Amazon are putting all of your Creed needs in one place. 

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