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Loving Disney is serious business!

The new Minnie and Mickey Mouse women’s blazers from are plenty professional, but they pack a surprise inside design featuring an iconic character on the lining. You can unbutton them for a more casual look, or you can run your next presentation knowing your favorite Disney character is nearby!

The Mickey Mouse Blazer offers a sleek black exterior with a liner design that features a repeating pattern of Mickey Mouse in different full-body poses. The Minnie Mouse Blazer is Minnie’s signature red on the outside, while the inside design features repeated Minnie Mouse headshots with different expressions. Both blazers are fully lined and have two front flap pockets (no fake pocket disappointment!). For a final touch of fandom, each blazer has a subtle embroidery on the cuff, depicting an outline of Mickey or Minnie. has even more blazers for pop culture fans who want to sneakily bring a bit of fandom into their office life. The Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Blazer features Jack Skellington and friends, the Lord of the Rings Blazer has symbols from the series, and the Gremlins Gizmo Blazer features everyone’s favorite strangely adorable little creature. 

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The newest Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Blazers are available now at the website. Get a piece that subtly features a character you love and bring a little dash of Disney magic to your office.

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