Mondo’s new Harley Quinn figure is positively villainous. | Source: Mondo

Everyone’s favorite Clown Princess of Crime is getting a new action figure.

Mondo is dropping a new 1:6-scale figure of Harley Quinn based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. There are two versions of the figure: the Timed Edition and the Regular Edition. Both versions feature Harley Quinn in her harlequin suit, complete with black-and-white face makeup and a jester hat. 

The Regular Edition is available for $185 and includes two interchangeable heads, five pairs of interchangeable hands, a hammer, Batcuffs, a Batman belt, a mannequin arm, a purse, her Sane Certificate, the Joker’s scepter, and a bottle of poison perfume.

The Timed Edition of the figure is available for $200 from now until 11:59 a.m. on Tuesday, May 16. This figure comes with tons of exclusive accessories, including three more interchangeable heads, Bud and Lou the hyenas, a bone, a steak, and a dog bow, in addition to all of the accessories included with the Regular Edition.

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We’re not clowning around — you really won’t want to miss out on adding this figure to your collection. Both editions of the figure are expected to ship in September.

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