Looking for a figurine refresher? Fear not, friends, for all of your favorite pop culture characters are getting the collectible treatment! Monogram International will unveil brand-new items at Toy Fair New York this weekend.

Shape up your collectible shelf with new products inspired by the year’s most buzzworthy movies and games, such as The Mandalorian, Birds of Prey, Disney Pixar’s Onward, Wonder Woman 1984, and Marvel’s The Eternals, all getting the figure, foam keychain, or blind-bag treatment.

Other retro and classic titles in Monogram’s collectible catalog include Friends, Godzilla, Golden Girls, and new properties and franchises from Disney, such as Star Wars, Pixar, and The Simpsons, plus a number of anime and role-player game (RPG) favorites.

Why wait for some of these titles to drop when you can appreciate the characters in all their pint-sized glory today?

Photo: Monogram International Inc.

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Ben Goren

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