Funko’s newest collectibles honor Moon Knight’s finale | Source: Funko / the Pop Insider

Moon Knight may be over (*sigh*) but thankfully Funko’s newest Pop! figures bring us right back to the Egyptian desert. 

Marvel’s latest TV series follows Mark Spencer/Steven Grant, a civilian who serves as the human avatar for the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. Sadly, the series finale aired on Wednesday, bringing an end to this chapter. In the finale, the Egyptian goddess Ammit — devourer of the dead — is awoken to judge human souls prematurely. Mark Spencer/Steven Grant, his fiancé Layla, and the god Khonshu must all work together to defeat this evil. 

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To honor the show’s final battle, Funko has released a series of three new Pops!. The first is the Temple of Khonshu Statue, which depicts the god after he’s been imprisoned in a stone statue. He is dressed in his robes and carries his crescent moon staff. This super-sized Pop! will be available exclusively at Target.

The second is the goddess Ammit as she appears in the series’ final battle. The reptilian goddess wears a golden dress and the classic Egyptian headdress. Ammit will be available soon from major retailers.

Lastly, Funko gave fans a look at its first Comic-Con International: San-Diego (SDCC) exclusive for this year: a Pop! figure of Layla as the Scarlet Scarab, when she agrees to be the goddess Tawaret’s avatar. She is dressed in Tawaret’s battle clothes, with winged arms and strappy sandals. 

Although these three characters aren’t available quite yet, Funko Pop previously released Pop! figures of Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow, Mr. Knight, Konshu, and Layla, which are available to purchase at the links below! 

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