Source: Mattel Creations

From the catacombs deep under Eternia, an epic new Masters of the Universe collectible is rising. Mattel Creations is launching a MEGA MOTU Snake Mountain tomorrow, July 8. 

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This 3,802 piece building set recreates Eternia’s most infamous archenemy hideout, where Skeletor and his henchmen lurk as they plan to conquer the universe. This Snake Mountain is equipped with many threats any intruder can encounter, including a feisty, orange-eyed demonhead; a lava pit; prison shackles; and the notorious bone throne. The set is also designed with several Easter eggs for fans to find as they build, play with, and display the set.

The set comes with six posable Masters of the Universe figures | Source: Mattel Creations

The set includes six detailed and poseable figures of He-Man, Man Ram, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Webstor, Trap Jaw, and Evil-lyn. The figures can be used to recreate an epic battle in and out of the mountain and even come with interchangeable weapons they can hold. Collectors can also keep the figures posed in action by positioning them on the included display stands throughout the set.

This epic fortress is $321 and will be available to order tomorrow, July 8, at 9 a.m. PT on

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