Mezco Toyz Saw

Mezco Toyz Saw

Do you like scary movies? Horror merch is the best kind of merch, and although we support terror year-round, October is its time to shine. The creepier, the better, so get your ghostly hands on this must-have horror merch before it vanishes into the darkness.

MDS Mega Scale Saw: Billy with Sound (pictured above) | MEZCO TOYZ | $94 | preorder now,

Let the games begin. If you think dolls are creepy, wait until you see this 15-inch Billy figure, inspired by the Saw movies. It has 11 points of articulation and a button hidden on its back to activate sound. If he starts talking, you sure as hell better pay attention.


It board gameIT: Evil Below game | USAOPOLY | $29.95 | Amazon

It’s do or die with a side of killer clowns in this co-op strategy game based on the movie It. Play as the Losers’ Club to defeat Pennywise — or die trying. Each character has special abilities, and you have to work together as a team because if even one player dies, Pennywise wins.

Annabelle Halloween Costume

Annabelle Creation Adult Deluxe Costume | RUBIE’S COSTUME CO. | $45.99-49.99 | Specialty costume shops,

Is it a doll or is it a devil? Dial the creep factor all the way up and scare all the trick-or-treaters with this costume based on the supernatural demon doll from 2017’s Annabelle: Creation. Yeah, it’s a little freaky, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Halloween Blanket

Halloween VHS Throw Blanket | Creepy Co. | $34.99 |

Everyone’s entitled to one good scare, huh? Make some popcorn and cuddle up with Michael Myers under this jumbo fleece blanket. It features a recreation of the original VHS tape of 1978’s Halloween, directed by John Carpenter and starring the O.G. scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis.



It’s the witching hour somewhere. Sabrina is a witchy teen dream in this 7.4-inch statue, modeled after Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays the half-mortal girl in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Stranger Things LEGO set

THE UPSIDE DOWN SET | LEGO | $199.99 | mass retailers

Enter the Upside Down with this 2,287-piece LEGO set based on Stranger Things. Build the Byers’ house and a creepy upside down version with a light-up alphabet wall. The set includes eight Stranger Things minifigures.

Jack Skellington Zero

Zero and Jack Skellington Puppets | FOLKMANIS | $54.99-159.99 | Amazon

It’s not Halloween without a little Nightmare Before Christmas action. Pay respects to the Pumpkin King with the 6-foot-tall Jack Skellington puppet, featuring straps on the feet, gloves on the hands, and a movable mouth so you can really get into character. The Zero puppet features a movable mouth, a light-up nose, and diaphanous fabric to make him extra ghostly.

The Coop Ghostbusters Slimer Stay Puft

Handmade By Robots | THE COOP | $11.95 each |

These new collectibles are inspired by Japanese “amigurumi” — small, knit or crocheted stuffed toys — with the first wave focusing on Ghostbusters baddies. Look for Stay Puft and Slimer figures that are sculpted, painted, and packaged to appear floppy and handmade, but get this: they’re actually made out of vinyl.

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