One of the best things to be a gamer with adult money is to buy some fun accessories for your gaming setup.

And for the perfect decor, Neamedia Icons has got you covered! The new range of Logo Lights will bring your favorite game logo directly into your gaming den — with a little design flair.

The line of desktop or tabletop lights features something for everyone! From The Witcher Wild Hunt to Assassin’s Creed to PUBG : Battlegrounds and some seriously cool variations of Cyberpunk 2077, every design has been made by real players — that spent way more time on those games than we should really talk about. It’s time to light up your gaming room!

Source: Neamedia Icons

The Witcher Wild Hunt light will take you to a more medieval time with a wooden pattern on the base and some ice on the background — also serving as a quick reminder of the wild hunt chasing you. The white-and-red logo will light up your room with a very cool atmosphere.

For every Assassin’s Creed fan out there, Neamedia Icons thought about everything. For the longtime fans you can pick an original design that embodies the whole Assassin’s Creed franchise. It features the logo engraved on the background and tangled in a DNA pattern inspired by the Animus. Or, you can check out the new Mirage Edition, inspired by the most beautiful orange pattern that fans will find familiar from the game. The orange light will put you in this very warm atmosphere of the Middle East.

The Classic Cyberpunk 2077 light that came out in 2020 was in such high demand that we’ve created the coolest version of all the time — so get ready, dear fans! There is a version inspired by Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, one of the most-watched anime on Netflix. Its blue and yellow neon will transport you directly to Night City. And for the true-ones-from-day-one of Cyberpunk gamers, is the Phantom Liberty Edition, which is bolder than its predecessor with a very intense red background and deep yellow light, reminiscent of the new Dogtown neighborhood.

Source: Neamedia Icons

And the last edition from this very large range of lights is the PUBG: Battlegrounds light. Fans will immediately love the camo background, the yellow-orange light, and — of course — the famous “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” inscription adds a little levity to your gaming lair.

Now that you have seen the new range of Logo Lights from Neamedia Icons, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yours and shine bright!

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