Production is officially underway for Jinn, Netflix’s first Arabic Original Series.

Like all teen soap operas before it, Jinn will feature multiple plots of young love and misunderstanding. This time, though, some of the teens aren’t human. In Middle Eastern folklore, “Jinn” is a name for supernatural creatures comparable to genies and sometimes a broader term to describe spirits and demons. The series will follow both Mira, a teen who meets a Jinn named Keras who shows her how to love, and Yassin, whose coming of age story begins when he meets the supernatural Vera.

Expected to launch in 2019, the six-episode series is being produced in Amman, Jordan, and will feature mostly new actors. Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya (Very Big Shot) will direct and executive produce the show, with Elan and Rajeev Dassani (Seam) also executive producing. Elan is serving as head writer, with additional writing from Rajeev and from Amin Matalqa, who will also direct three episodes.

The teen drama may be a familiar genre, but this series’ setting and characters make it unique. According to Deadline, Rajeev Deassani said this is one of the first teen-focused shows to ever come out of the Arab world.

“We’ve had so many local teens tell us they’ve never seen themselves accurately represented on screen,” he said, “and it is both our pleasure and our responsibility to bring that to them and, in doing so, showcase all that the region has to offer.”

h/t: Deadline

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