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Oh, look. More proof that Nielsen TV ratings are wildly outdated in the age of streaming…

Emmy nominations are here and Netflix dethroned HBO, the 17-year champion of Emmy nominations. This year, Netflix received 112 nominations while HBO fell slightly behind with 108. Netflix’s Best Drama nominations include Stranger Things (slay, Eleven) and The Crown, and two of the Best Comedy slots went to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Glow.

Hulu wasn’t left out, either, taking 27 nominations with The Handmaid’s Tale— winner of Best Drama winner last year—up for the prestigious title again. The show itself received 20 nominations, falling just short of HBO’s Westworld‘s 21 nominations and Game of Thrones‘ 22. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was one of Amazon’s 22 nominations.

It’s a year of firsts for the Emmys—Sandra Oh is believed to be the first woman of Asian descent to take a nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Drama series. She was nominated for her role as Eve Polastri on BBC America’s Killing Eve.

When The New York Times asked Oh if she feels that the tide is changing or cautiously optimistic she replied with, “I want to try and find another word for ‘cautiously optimistic’ because, having been in this business for my entire life now, I know and I realize that change is slow. Let’s try to celebrate it. And to be patient. Maybe that’s it—to be patient and to be relentless about making the change happen.” So much easier said than done…

We’re rooting for you, Sandra!

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