The Shadow and Bone merch collection features blankets, T-shirts, and more! | Source: Netflix Shop/The Pop Insider

Netflix may not have made its own amplifiers, but its Shadow and Bone merch shop is fully stocked! 

Netflix is taking fans back to the Grishaverse with the newly released second season of Shadow and Bone, and with it comes new merch that is almost as cool as being a Grisha yourself. The merch collection offers T-shirts, throw blankets, hoodies, and more featuring the Sun Summoner, the Crows, and Morozova’s beasts. 

Some highlights to the collection include T-shirts that say “Bring the light,” “Bring the storm,” and “Bring the fire,” which each show off one of Morozova’s beasts that Alina Starkov attempts to track down ahead of Kirigan. There’s also a throw blanket printed with a map of the Grishaverse, a white skater skirt that features the outline of the stag, and a throw blanket featuring a golden Sun Summoner logo on one side and a gray Shadow Summoner logo on the other. The Crow Club also have a couple of designs of their own, including a Crows logo and an etching print of Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, and Jesper Fahey.

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You’ll shine brighter than Alina in your new Shadow and Bone merch, which is available to purchase now at the link below!

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