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Hold on to your leather pants and practice your best Russian accent. The latest trailer for Black Widow is here.

Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow aka Scar-Jo) offers a deeper glimpse into her action-packed past and the plot of her upcoming solo movie in this exciting new trailer. If the final film is anything like what we see here, then Black Widow is set to be intensely thrilling, comedically tight, and backed by a frickin’ cool score.

This trailer shows some extended moments with the Black Widow clan, other Russian spies and heroes from Romanoff’s past who are all equal in training and ability — not to mention star-power. Florence Pugh is Yelena, Rachel Weisz is Melina, and David Harbour is Alexei aka The Red Guardian, each of whom gets to flex their own action moves, Russian accents, and, in one funny dinner scene, their comedy chops.

But the real reasons this trailer will give you a case of Feige-induced goosebumps are the glimpses of Taskmaster, the masked villain with the ability to mimic skills and moves just by watching his opponents in action. He’s parts Captain America with the shield, Hawkeye with the bow and arrow, and Daredevil with the agility — and he’s coming for a pre-Endgame Black Widow.

Although Black Widow is a prequel (set after Captain America: Civil War), it’s the first film in phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Fans can get an idea where the MCU is headed next when Black Widow hits theaters on May 1.

Photo: Marvel Studios

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