Activision is releasing new merch in preparation for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II dropping on Friday, Oct. 28. | Source: Activision

Activision has your six this fall, releasing tons of new merch before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II drops on Friday, Oct. 28. 

The Young & Reckless White Extermination T-shirt is one of many that are available from the Modern Warfare II Collection. The shirt advertises Rebirth’s Extermination Co. (Open 24 hours) and shows a rat in the crosshairs of a gamer’s gun as they wipe out their opponent. It is available for $35 in the Call of Duty Shop.

The first Call of Duty Valaclava drop features four pieces: a Modern Warfare II sweatshirt, cargo pants, a tactical jacket, and a T-shirt. This collection is limited edition, with only 300 pieces of each item up for grabs. Each piece also comes with an NFT version of the garment. If you can’t get your hands on a part of the first drop, more will launch later on, but do your duty and hop on Valaclava’s access list so you know when the next drops are available. 

Once you look the part, you can feel like a true gamer with Eureka Ergonomic’s Modern Warfare II Typhon gaming chair. This chair fits everything you could need while you log hours kicking butt in Modern Warfare II. The seat has four adjustable back rest options and adjustable height, depth, and armrests. The Typhon gaming chair is mostly black, but comes in three accent colors, blue, red, and night-vision green. The chair is available for $699.99 on Eureka Ergonomic’s website. 

Sound mixing is one of the most important parts of immersive gaming. With the Woojer x Call of Duty haptic strap collection, gamers will be more immersed than ever. The strap works by sending pulses into your skin as its speaker plays music and sounds from the game, so you feel every explosion that happens in-game. The strap collection is currently available for $199.99 for preorder and will ship out mid-November. 

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Gamers can keep their skills sharp with Dalstrong’s Call of Duty collection, which features knives, knife storage, aprons, and a cutting board starting at $90. Each item has similar visuals to Call of Duty, whether that be a tactical look, camouflage, or contour mapping. The Dalstrong x Call of Duty collection is currently available for preorder and will ship out by the end of next month. 

Finally, the Steel Series x KontrolFreek gaming collection has accessories starting at $19.99 that will make any gamer’s set up the envy of the server. The collection includes two mouse pads, green Ghost key caps, and thumbsticks for a PS5 or Xbox. 

No matter what console gamers use to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Xbox and PlayStation fans alike can agree that this new merch is awesome.

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