Zombie Iron Man (left) and Red Skull (right) Marvel Legends figures | Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

Disney+ has introduced a bunch of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and built onto some fan-favorites through a variety of new series, including WandaVision, What If..?, and Loki. Yesterday, Hasbro unveiled some of its newest additions to the Marvel Legends series inspired by these Marvel Studios shows. 

Jimmy Woo Marvel Legends figure | Source: Hasbro

To start, Wandavision’s Agent Jimmy Woo is arriving from Westview as a 6-inch-scale figure. He comes with two Build-A-Figure parts and an alternate hand that offers fans the chance to recreate his sleight-of-hand magic tricks.

Next up are two figures from Loki, which were teased during Hasbro’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) panel last month. The 6-inch-scale Classic Loki figure features the likeness of Richard E. Grant. This version of Loki — who hails from a timeline where the character survived his final showdown with Thanos — comes with one Build-A-Figure part and five accessories, including green magic to equip around his hands. The creator, conqueror, and controller of all is also joining the Marvel Legends series. The 6-inch-scale He-Who-Remains (a.k.a. Nathaniel Richards) figure comes with a green apple accessory and a Build-A-Figure part.

Hasbro visited the zombie-infested alternate reality from Marvel Studios’ What If…? to introduce two monstrous new figures to the series. The Zombie Iron Man 6-inch-scale figure spotlights the hero after he succumbs to the global zombie virus. It comes with four accessories, including two energy blasts. Even Wanda Maximoff could not protect herself from the infection, resulting in the Zombie Scarlet Witch, whose wild hair is recreated in this Marvel Legends figure. Zombie Wanda comes with two accessories, including equippable magic, and a Build-A-Figure part.

Howard the Duck Marvel Legends figure | Source: Hasbro

Continuing the What If…? action is a set that will quack you up. This version of Howard the Duck (or really, the alien) — also first revealed at SDCC — comes with a Build-A-Figure part and two accessories, including Scott Lang’s head from the series’ zombie episode. 

Red Skull Marvel Legends figure | Source: Hasbro

The final What If…? figure depicts the leader of HYDRA as he appears in the animated series. Red Skull is dressed in his HYDRA uniform and comes with one Build-A-Figure part and a Tesseract accessory. 

Khonshu Build-A-Figure Marvel Legends figure | Source: Hasbro

Fans who collect all of the figures in this wave can create a Build-A-Figure Khonshu from Moon Knight, complete with his crescent moon staff.

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All of these new additions to the Marvel Legends series will be available for preorder for $24.99 each on Hasbro Pulse starting today, Aug. 11, at 1 p.m. ET. They all come in the new, plastic-free Marvel Legends packaging and are expected to ship next spring.

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