This new LEGO set is the biggest version of the Razor Crest yet! | Source: LEGO

“There’s always a bigger fish” has never been more true than with the newest LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest set, based on the iconic ship seen in The Mandalorian.

Razor Crest models have existed in the LEGO world previously, including the adorably pocket-sized Razor Crest Microfighter and the larger Razor Crest building set, which included minifigures of Grogu, the Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and a Scout Trooper. 

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However, no Razor Crest build has been as big as LEGO’s newest version of the popular ship. At more than 28 inches long, this ship is ready for action or for display in a Star Wars LEGO collection. 

The new set includes minifigures of Grogu, the Mandalorian, Mythrol, and Kuiil, who is ready to ride on a buildable Blurrg. It has many features of the in-universe Razor Crest ship, such as an escape pod, a carbon-freezing chamber, and removable engines and cockpit. And with 6,187 pieces, it’ll certainly provide a good night of building (maybe while watching The Mandalorian). The set also has a display stand as well as an information plaque. 

The ship comes with a plaque making it a perfect display piece after building. | Source: LEGO

The LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest construction set will be available to LEGO VIP members from Oct. 3-7 and to everyone starting on Oct. 7. The set costs $599.99 and will be on sale on the LEGO website and in LEGO stores.

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