The three new building sets in LEGO’s Star Wars helmet series. | Source: LEGO

Only those who are worthy can build one of LEGO’s newest sets! But don’t worry, everyone who loves LEGO and/or Marvel is worthy of the Thor’s Hammer building set, which dropped for preorders yesterday.

This new set includes all of the pieces (979 of them, to be exact) that you’ll need to construct an 18-inch replica of Thor’s iconic weapon, as it appears throughout Marvel Studio’s Infinity Saga. The set comes inside Infinity Saga-branded packaging.

The built Thor’s Hammer set | Source: LEGO

Once built, the model rests upon a display stand that features the hammer’s name, Mjolnir. The set also comes with a Thor minifigure (depicting the hero as he appears in the earlier MCU films) and a miniature recreation of Odin’s treasure room display, complete with a tiny Tesseract, a small-scale Infinity Gauntlet, and a little version of Odin’s Fire. The treasure room display also fits inside a compartment in the hammer! Thor’s Hammer is available to preorder now from and Target, with a release date of March 1.

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But Mjolnir isn’t the only iconic pop culture prop that’s getting the LEGO treatment this week. Today, LEGO revealed three new designs for its ongoing collection of Star Wars helmet models (pictured top). The new helmets, which are available to preorder now for $59.99 each and will also release on March 1, are Luke Skywalker’s Red Five helmet (676 pieces), the Mandalorian’s helmet as seen in The Mandalorian (584 pieces), and a Dark Trooper helmet (693 pieces). Once assembled, each helmet is about 7 inches tall and features a base with a label.

The Eleven and Demogorgon BrickHeadz and the Jim Lee Batman LEGO Art set | Source: LEGO/the Pop Insider

There are also a few new BrickHeadz sets featuring popular characters, including a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote pair, a Woody and Bo Peep pair, a Buzz Lightyear single figure, a Chip and Dale pair, and an Eleven and Demogorgon pair inspired by Stranger Things.

Finally, the company recently added two new pop culture designs to its LEGO Art line. These new kits create an image of Elvis Presley and an image of Jim Lee’s Batman. They cost $119.99 each and are also up for preorder now, with a March 1 release date.

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