If you were too busy listening to *NSYNC and didn’t have time to grab anything from the first Lisa Frank x Casetify collection, fear not. You have another chance to bring some serious nostalgia vibes to your tech. 

All you ‘80s and ‘90s kids — or Gen Z-ers who are ‘90s kids at heart — can choose from numerous neon products in the new Lisa Frank x Casetify collection. This is the second collab for the brands, and these new products feature colors, icons, and characters that Lisa Frank fans will instantly recognize.

With more than 30 products, the new line of tech accessories is sure to have something for every nostalgic Lisa Frank fan. Find cuddly creatures, the iconic cheetah print, and the glittery sticker collages on these limited-edition products. Your favorite tigers, dolphins, aliens, unicorns, and puppies can accompany you wherever your phone goes (so, everywhere). 

The new Lisa Frank designs are available on all types of phone cases, from iPhones to Androids, so fans can protect their tech in style. The whimsical characters and art are available on Casetify’s signature Impact, Ultra Impact, Mirror, Clear, and Bounce cases, which all vary slightly in protective measures and phone color visibility.

The collaboration also features various accessories for tech products that would’ve impressed early 2001 you. Lisa Frank-themed Airpods cases, Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, power banks, grip stands, laptop sleeves, iPad cases, and computer cases are all available. 

The new Lisa Frank x Casetify collection is available now at casetify.com. May the power of unicorns and rainbows help you find the same print as your middle school English folder.


A new Lisa Frank x Casetify collection is available for nostalgic fans. Choose from phone cases, Airpods cases, Apple Watch bands, laptop sleeves, and other tech accessories featuring Lisa Frank designs. Protect your tech with iconic Lisa Frank characters, colors, and prints.

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