Numskull turns iconic characters into ducks! | Source: Numskull

Metal Gear Solid, Dungeons & Dragons, and Ghostbusters have little in common. Except, now, they are all inspiring new Tubbz ducks!

To start, Numskull is adding two new ducks to its Metal Gear Solid collection of cosplaying rubber ducks. The collection already features Genome Soldier, Gray Fox, Solid Snake, and Revolver Ocelot, but now Psycho Mantis and Dr. Hal Otacon-Emmerich are joining the team. The Psycho Mantis duck features a menacing gas mask and looks ready to unleash his psychic powers while Otacon is easily recognizable with his lab coat and glasses. Only 3,000 ducks are available in each design. 

Numskull is aiming for nostalgia with ’80s-themed D&D ducks. | Source: Numskull

If you prefer tabletop games to video games, there are also two new D&D Tubbz ducks inspired by the animated series from the ‘80s. The Diana the Acrobat duck features the character’s iconic locks and magic javelin. The Hank the Ranger duck features the character’s long, flowing blond hair as he draws back his longbow.

The new Stay Put marshmallow man is more than double the size of a regular Tubbz duck! | Source: Numskull

Finally, Numskull is expanding its Ghostbusters collection with a new version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The collection already included a regular-sized Stay Puft duck and a burnt version, but this new duck is more than double the size of the standard Tubbz duck. Also, the giant Stay Puft duck smells like marshmallows for an added touch. Only 2,000 giant Stay Puft ducks will be available.

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All Tubbz collectibles come in mini bathtubs to display and stack. The only thing these new additions to the Tubbz tub have in common is how much you love them!

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