1942 x RepliCade and 1943 x RepliCade Overhaul Edition | Source: New Wave Toys/the Pop Insider

Get ready to time travel back to the ‘80s to play some 1942!

The latest addition to New WaveToy’s 1:6-scale arcade cabinet series is a real blast from the past. The company, which works to preserve the ‘80s arcade experience, has announced two new, fully playable Replicade cabinets based on the hit Capcom games 1942 and 1943.

1942 x RepliCade is a refurbishing of the classic game, set in the Pacific theater’s war-torn skies during World War II. The recreation of the Romstar/Capcom 1942 lowboy arcade machine features a Japanese-style, diecast metal coin slot; a customizable DIP-switch; added HDTV connectivity; and a bonus 1943 Mini Arcade Stick for simultaneous two-player gameplay. The cabinet will also feature both 1942 and its sequel, 1943.


For even more arcade authenticity, the 1943 x RepliCade Overhaul Edition features a coin door security bar, a mini bat-top joystick, microswitch buttons, yellow T-molding, customizable operator DIP-switch settings, and more. The Overhaul edition will feature the same games as the 1942 edition.

Both 10-inch cabinets also feature illuminated marquees and full-color LCD screens.

Pre-orders for both styles are available until March 16 on the New Wave site. Both cabinets will retail for $119.99 but are on sale now for $99.99.

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