For those who’ve been forced to give up video games because of accessibility issues, brace yourselves: The new Xbox controllers are accessible AF.

Twitter user, h0xod, discovered a promo image of the upcoming Xbox controller and leaked it for all of the internet to see. The thin, sleek design of the controller looks useable even if players can’t hold the controller themselves. Microsoft has a long history of creating products for groups of people with different needs and challenges to provide gameplay and inclusivity for all. From the Seeing AI app to the Eye Control update on Windows 10, the company has made it their mission to cater to groups of people that are often forgotten when products are created. Technological advances have made it possible to include everyone in the use of technology and Microsoft’s work on catering to everyone is a good step in the right direction toward that goal.

The exact function of the new Xbox controller, and what features it provides users is unclear at the moment, but with the grooves at the top and the massive a and b buttons, it looks like it will help players who use the sense of touch over sight. The controller is expected to be unveiled officially this June.

(h/t Windows Central)

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