Two pieces from BlackMilk’s The Witcher collection | Source: BlackMilk

Sometimes there’s monsters, sometimes there’s money. Rarely both. And other times, there’s an epic clothing collection inspired by your favorite video game. 

For anyone who doesn’t recognize the above quote, we’ll put this news in layman’s terms: fashion retailer BlackMilk is teaming up with CD Projekt Red for a second time (following its Cyberpunk 2077 capsule collection) to release a line of clothing inspired by the The Witcher video games, specifically The Wild Hunt

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Featuring more than 35 printed and designer pieces, the collection draws on key images, motifs, and characters from the fantasy world of The Witcher. Ranging from everyday-wear tops to elegant dresses, the pieces in this line are the perfect touch of magic that every wardrobe needs. 

Butterfly Overalls from The Witcher collection | Source: BlackMilk

A standout item from the collection is the butterfly overalls, which are a nod to Geralt’s love interest, the skilled healer Triss Merigold. Triss is known for her ability to conjure up a swarm of butterflies, and the black garment celebrates her powers with images of blue butterflies placed all over the piece. The overalls make for a great layer to any outfit or can be styled on their own! 

While the collection won’t be available to shop until Dec. 13 at 1 p.m. PT, BlackMilk is offering fans a sneak peek at the collection on

The Australian-based fashion company also recently launched a Squid Game clothing collection, which is available to shop now.