Source: Toynk

The Joy of Painting meets the joy of puzzling! 

If you love Bob Ross and want to create happy little clouds and happy little trees but have zero artistic talent, Toynk has the jigsaw puzzles for you.

The company has eight new, 1000-piece puzzles featuring the scenic paintings of the beloved artist. From a cabin in the woods or a covered bridge to a blue river or even the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis, there’s a friendly nature painting for everyone. 

Source: Toynk

While constructing the 28- by 20-inch puzzles — which are made from recycled materials — imagine Ross’s calming voice guiding you along with encouragement in every word for a perfectly creative de-stressing activity. Upon completion, you’ll have a beautiful Bob Ross painting to hang in your home! Or, break it up and start all over again. 

The Bob Ross jigsaw puzzles are available here for $19.99.