Highlights from the upcoming Castetify x Spongebob collection. | Source: Casetify

Tech accessories manufacturer Casetify is heading to new depths for its latest collab — all the way to Bikini Bottom!

Today, the company revealed that its next licensed collection will be inspired by Nickelodeon’s classic animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. This selection of limited-edition designs will feature a variety of characters from the show, including SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. Some of the designs also have a picnic theme, featuring foods such as Krusty Krab Pizza, Sandy’s Sea-Nut Butter, and Patrick’s Paradise ice cream.

The customizable case makes your name look like a title card from the show! | Source: Casetify

Other designs highlight the beloved sea sponge and his pineapple home, and there will be a customizable Floral Case inspired by the underwater skies and jellyfish fields of Bikini Bottom.

Along with phone cases, this drop will include SpongeBob-themed Airpods cases, iPad accessories, Nintendo Switch pouches, wireless charges, grip stands, and Casetify water bottles. The non-phone-case accessories will offer additional designs featuring Krabby Patties and Kelpo products.

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Everyone who wishes they could snack on a Krabby Patty while hanging out with SpongeBob and Patrick can shop this collection starting on Feb. 22 at casetify.com. You can also sign up for priority access here for a chance to snag these accessories ahead of the official launch.