Crunchyroll launched a new collection of Demon Slayer hoodies! | Source: Crunchyroll

Time to hunt some demons — in style!

Crunchyroll has launched its newest Crunchyroll Loves streetwear collection, this time featuring Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba hoodies that are perfectly timed as the winter chill sets in. This limited-edition mini-collection includes three specially designed hoodies, perfect for keeping warm during your winter demon hunts.

The collection features one black hoodie inspired by Zenitsu Agatsuma’s yellow-and-orange gradient haori, one black hoodie inspired by Tanjiro Kamado’s iconic green checkerboard haori, and one navy blue hoodie depicting the fearless Inosuke Hashibira. Each of the hoodies also feature the show’s logo.

Crunchyroll launched three hoodies, including this one that features Inosuke Hashibira! | Source: Crunchyroll

Each Crunchyroll Loves x Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba hoodie costs $54.95 and is available to preorder exclusively at the Crunchyroll Store until Nov. 30th. Make sure to stock up and be ready for any demon sightings!