The D23 Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Enchantress Mini Backpack | Source: Loungefly/the Pop Insider

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a company called Loungefly released a beautiful mini backpack for D23 Expo!

This week, Loungefly is giving fans a look at the exclusive accessories it’s taking to Disney’s D23 Expo next month. Here at the Pop Insider, we have a first look at the D23 Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Enchantress Mini Backpack.

We know that the enchantress is all about inner beauty, but this bag is beautiful both inside AND out. It is specifically inspired by the opening scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, when an enchantress curses Prince Adam after he won’t let her — disguised as an elderly beggar — inside his castle to escape the cold.

The front of the bag features a translucent, stained glass-inspired image of the enchantress in her true form, when she reveals herself to the prince. There are also shining, gold foil details that embellish this front image.

The stained glass motif, which comes straight from the movie, continues on every part of this accessory. The side pockets feature small, gold-framed windows that depict the story of Prince Adam’s transformation into the Beast, while the back of the bag has stained glass art of the iconic enchanted rose.

The inside of the bag has a repeating enchanted rose lining. | Source: Loungefly

However, the details don’t stop there. The bag’s adjustable straps are decorated with a mosaic pattern, while the interior lining has a repeating pattern of the enchanted rose art.

This D23-exclusive bag costs $90 and will be available in extremely limited quantities. Fans can get the bag in person at D23 Expo, and a limited number will also be available to purchase online. Visit Funko’s official D23 info page to see the full lineup of Funko and Loungefly show exclusives, and to get all of the details about how to buy them!