Godzilla may be king of the monsters, but he’s been taking things slow and steady over in terms of ticket sales.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters has continued its reign over the box office and, according to Cinemablend, has just surpassed an impressive milestone gross of $100 million domestically, three weeks after its theatrical opening.

While Godzilla has been slow to take over the domestic box office, he’s fared better globally as worldwide ticket sales have brought in a total of $366 million. The previous Godzilla film passed the $100 million gross mark during its opening weekend back in 2014. Then, what took Kong: Skull Island nine days to achieve in 2017 ended up taking King of the Monsters 23 days to earn itself.

While King of the Monsters hasn’t seen as impressive a box office total as in years past, audiences are still watching Godzilla roar on the big screen.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures