Super7 and Toho International Collaboration | Source: Super7

Godzilla is coming back — smaller, but better than ever! Toho International and Super7 are collaborating to debut the Godzilla ReAction figure.

The 3.75-inch, articulated figure is hitting shelves this summer, along with a capsule collection full of apparel and accessories. More Godzilla collectibles will be released throughout the year, leading up to the release of an Ultimates! figure line next year.


Super7 will maintain its vintage action figure appeal for Godzilla ReAction while adding new, playable dimensions with its unique size and sculpting style. The company’s Ultimates! line will be for ultimate fans of the Godzilla franchise. Its made-to-order figures include a diverse assortment of extra features and expressions to bring the King of the Monsters to life.

Keep an eye out for news about the Godzilla ReAction figure — and additional Godzilla — throughout the year!