Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Tesseract Electronic Role Play Accessory includes a 6-inch Loki figure.| Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

Hasbro’s SDCC reveals continue with… another blue cube! 

During a panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Hasbro unveiled new figures and accessories from its Marvel Legends collectible series, including the new Tesseract Electronic Role Play Accessory. This version of the powerful cube is inspired by the one seen in Marvel Studios’ Loki series on Disney Plus. It includes a 6-inch Loki action figure, complete with his iconic dagger. Perfect for display or cosplay, the Tesseract will be available for pre-sale today for $66.99 on Hasbro Pulse. 

Ironically enough, this is the second blue cube announcement we’ve seen from Hasbro at SDCC. The toy company also unveiled its Gelatinous Cube earlier this week, part of its new Golden Archive line of Dungeons and Dragons collectibles.

Marvel Legends Classic Loki | Source: Hasbro

In addition to the Tesseract, Marvel fans also have a few new 6-inch-scale action figures to look forward to this year. And on the Loki front, watch out for a Classic Loki figure, which features a picture-perfect likeness of ​​Richard E. Grant. 

As we tiptoe closer to more X-Men appearances in Marvel films and TV shows, fans can add the Beast to their display shelves this fall. The Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s Beast figure features his iconic blue deco and pointed ears, and comes with five science-themed accessories, including beakers in different sizes. Fans can preorder the figure later today for $33.99. 

There’s a new Spidey villain in town: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series Marvel’s Scorpion is coming this fall. Inspired by his comic appearances, the highly posable figure features a flexible, epically long tail and comes with five accessories. The Jameson-born baddie is available for preorder later today for $24.99.

These reveals were the biggest of the bunch, but the Legends B-team roster is also getting an upgrade with the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3-pack, Heralds of Galactus 2-pack, Agony, Razorback, Riot, Black Panther, Hatut, He Who Remains, Human Fly, Sentry, and … (saved the best for last) HOWARD THE DUCK! 

A leader in collectible figures, Hasbro’s SDCC announcements have been nothing short of epic across multiple franchises, including Star Wars, Power Rangers, and GI Joe. The company has made waves in recent months with its plastic-free packaging initiatives, and they provided some clarity on what fans can expect on that front earlier this week. 

Hasbro also announced dates for its own virtual fan event, Pulse Con, which will take place Sept. 30-Oct. 1, and can only mean one thing: More action figures are on the horizon (and they are potentially even cooler than this batch).