Source: Hero Within/the Pop Insider

There’s no denying that 2020 has been rough in many ways. And while the hardships from this year have been very serious, sometimes you have to laugh to get through it all — and the team at Hero Within is here to make you chuckle with some 2020-themed enamel pins.

The newest pin in the company’s collection (pictured above, left) is a d2020 dice pin that appropriately features a 1 on every side of the die. As the product description says, “As we head into the final campaign of 2020, it’s hard not to feel like every roll in life has been a critical fail.” It is available to order now and is set to ship this week.

Source: Hero Within/the Pop Insider

There are three other 2020-themed pins available, too, which all launched earlier this year. They include a “2020: Would Not Recommend” pin (pictured top, right), an “RIP 2020” pin, and a “I Miss My Con Friends” pin.

All of these pins are available for $8 each from!

Also, to help “spread love not germs,” the company still has “Heroes Wear Masks” pins available. Click here to read more about these awesome pins, which are intended to spread awareness around the importance of wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.