Hot Toys’ Thor: Love and Thunder 1:6-scale figures are here! | Source: Hot Toys / the Pop Insider

Thor: Love and Thunder is almost here — yep, you read that right. Time is moving insanely fast — and Hot Toys is bringing the Mjölnir down with its new Marvel Thor figure. 

Hot Toys’ new, 1:6-scale Thor depicts the god of thunder in his new costume from the hero’s upcoming, fourth solo movie. Taking place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor: Love and Thunder will follow the brooding god as he goes on a quest to find inner peace. As he embarks on his journey, a new threat looms, seeking the extinction of the gods. 

This super-detailed figure is modeled after the likeness of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and features a hand-painted head sculpt. His muscular body — no more out-of-shape Thor! — comes with interchangeable hands that allow for a variety of posing and display options. 

Thor’s costume itself features gold-and-blue body armor illuminated by LEDs and is paired with a red cape. The figure includes an LED light-up Stormbreaker, as well as assorted lightning effects that collectors can attach to his armor and weapons. 

Hot Toys is releasing both a Deluxe and Collector’s Edition version of the 1/6 scale Thor figure. | Source: Hot Toys / the Pop Insider

There’s also a special deluxe version of the Thor figure that comes with additional features, such as a helmeted head sculpt with light-up LED eyes and attachable lightning effects, metallic gold armored arms, and metallic chest armor. Hot Toys has also promised that even more additional accessories for Thor will be unveiled soon — until then, we’ll be impatiently waiting for our Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) figure. 

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The 1:6-Scale Thor Collector’s Edition figure is currently available for preorder for $305 at, while the 1:6-Scale Thor Deluxe Edition figure is available for preorder for $345. The figure is expected to ship by spring 2024.

And don’t forget to see the god himself in theaters starting on July 8!