The Lord of the Rings LEGO BrickHeadz represent characters from some of the most iconic scenes in The Lord of the Rings. | Source: LEGO

LEGO has officially dropped new Lord of the Rings BrickHeadz to rule them all!

There are three new Lord of the Rings-inspired BrickHeadz sets to add to your collection. The first features Arwen and Aragorn in their wedding scene from Return of the King with Arwen wearing a green wedding dress and tiara and Aragorn wearing his king outfit, complete with a crown.

The next set features Frodo Baggins and Gollum. Ironically, Frodo is a full-sized BrickHeadz at around 3 inches tall, while Gollum is half his size. In this set, Frodo is carrying a sword and the ring while Gollum carries a fish.

Finally, Gandalf the Grey and Balrog are immortalized in LEGO as they appear in the famous “You shall not pass!” moment from Fellowship of the Ring. In this set, Gandalf carries a sword and his staff while Balrog carries a whip. 

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Each BrickHeadz figure comes with a baseplate for easy display on bookshelves, desks, or hobbit holes. Building these sets is the perfect activity to keep your hands busy while you binge-watch the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition (again).