Image: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

It turns out Tom Holland isn’t the only Avenger who can’t keep a secret.

Pom Klementieff, who plays the empath Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War, let some details slip about the fourth Avengers movie. In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, she described speaking with Brie Larsen (Captain Marvel) and Danai Gurira (Okoye) on the set of The Avengers.

“I remember Brie Larsen coming to me and Danai Gurira on the set of The Avengers and she told me about the [Time’s Up] letter to sign and I found it really amazing to have all these women—and men too—together in fighting for a better world,” Klementieff said. “Things need to change so it’s great that we women are united and speaking out now.”

On the surface, it may not seem like this Time’s Up anecdote has much at all to do with Avengers 4. However, observant fans will realize that Captain Marvel did not appear in Infinity War. So for Klementieff, whose character disintegrated at the end of Infinity War, to share a set with Larsen, that means Mantis (and the other characters we lost) will come back.

The non-permanence of the final 20 minutes of Infinity War was already widely accepted (we all know Marvel wouldn’t give up on that many sequels), but it’s nice to get some confirmation!

Now we wait to find out how this resurrection plays out when Avengers 4 hits theaters May 3, 2019.